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Oct 292010

I am domestic by nature.  Household chores can be a pleasure for me if I am not rushed. Dishes, laundry, ironing, mending, cooking, garden work….all lovely and fulfilling if I have the precious time to be present for the tasks at hand.

This weekend I read the new John Stefanidis book An Island Sanctuary.  Here is what he has to say on the same subject: “A house and a garden need constant nurturing. Towels go gray or fray, cushions tear, carpets fade, plants die and must be replaced, trees grow too close together and need to be cut down – it is not dreary maintenance that is necessary but the celebration of life itself”


Nov 162008

In this world where every store looks alike, a step into Sue King’s store is a complete departure from the norm. While the store does not appear to be very large on first encounter, it is packed with the most intriguing and unusual products and gifts. There is also a warehouse off-premises, with staff scurrying back and forth to keep the shelves well stocked.

The shop is primarily a “home store” with an emphasis on tabletop and textiles. However, much can be found that transcends that description. Whatever strikes Sue King’s fancy, ends up being given space in her Sacramento Street domain.

Celebrating her 30th anniversary this year, her long experience and keen eye are unmatched in the retail world. She personally travels the world and chooses the crème de la crème for her San Francisco customers. As much as I travel, which includes trade shows everywhere, I always find things I have never seen when I visit her shop. Why? Because she has developed personal relationships with creative folk from all walks of the design world who work exclusively for her.

You will find glass, china and flatware that is completely unique to her. But you will also find Fortuny lighting, enameled lava table in brilliant colors from France, handmade one of a kind jewelry pieces, the best in room fragrances, body products, lavish and pertinent books, unique furniture pieces, the list is endless.

I love the place! Sue is almost always there unless away drumming up new ideas. Something of a legend, she runs a tight ship and has an extremely knowledgeable staff. Naturally, designers are very attracted to her space.

Oh! one more thing. Her gift wrapping is the BEST. Beautiful thick paper with rich satin ribbon and always perfect colors. Her eye for color is impeccable.