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May 042012

My daughter, Ivy Mix, is an identical twin, an artist, a business woman, philanthropist and a feminist. (She would not describe herself that way but I do.) After college, she moved to Brooklyn where she works in a small studio and supports herself by tending bar. At first, I was not supportive. Then one day I realized I had no control over this and told her “If you are going to be a bartender, be the best one there is!”. She accomplished this in short order and this year was feted by Zagat as one on the “30 under 30” dominating the NYC restaurant scene.

Fulfilling her philanthropic bent, last year Ivy co-founded an organization named Speed Rack that hosts women only bartending competitions throughout the USA with 100% proceeds going to breast cancer education, prevention and research.

Next Thursday, May 10, in NYC, will be the finals. The winners from all the other cities will come together to compete for the Best Female Bartender in the USA. The tickets are $40.00. Even if you cannot attend, consider purchasing one as a donation to an important cause. I will be there and hope you join us for a fun filled evening.

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