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Aug 092010

CB2 Marta glass. The ‘real deal’ for two bucks.

When I was 18 years old, I walked into a new store in Old Town Chicago called Crate and Barrel. It changed my life forever.

I am an avid admirer of Gordon Segal, the founder, and have a picture of him in my office with a quote that says: “Stay nervous. Stay Humble”.

Very recently on a trip to LA, I stopped into a CB2, which is a younger and hipper version of it’s parent. How refreshing to find a company designing beautiful, functional products with affordable pricing.

I know a lot about glass.  That explanation is for a different time.  The Marta glass at CB2 pictured here is glorious in design and weight. Priced at only $2.00, this glass gets the Anichini ‘real deal’ vote.